Wood Chips & Wooden Spoons

Woodturners One Day Apprenticeship

Make a functional wooden spoon with your own two hands as you learn the technique of the spokeshave & gouge. You’ll be beaming with pride after your introduction to the fine art (& addictive hobby!) of woodcarving.


  • Spend the day in our authentic woodworking shop as you create your very own piece of history.
  • Learn introductory woodturning techniques and safe handling from our skilled heritage artisan
  • Experience the thrill of a sharp spokeshave & gouge slicing through a piece of local hardwood as your spoon takes shape.
  • Complimentary day pass included to enjoy the rest of Sherbrooke Village Museum while you are here

It’s hard not to fall in love with the aroma of the local, natural wood chips and the sights of the St. Mary’s River outside every window of your studio. Joey Jordan, Heritage Artisan here at Sherbrooke Village gets to do this everyday. He can’t wait to share this nostalgic working environment with you. Step back in time and learn to make a wooden spoon the traditional way with techniques that still work today! Joey brings history to life by sharing generations of his family’s woodworking traditions. Not only will you leave with an introduction to woodcarving, you will be bringing your own handmade family heirloom home with you today!