Step Into 1867- Explorer Experience

Come play dress up for a full day’s experience at Sherbrooke Village Museum! There’s no better way to experience history than to immerse yourself into the life as it was in Sherbrooke in the vibrant Victorian era! The Victorian Era is alive & well at Sherbrooke Village. Every day is a trip back in time as Nova Scotia’s 19th century heritage is brought to life in 25 original buildings including the blacksmith, woodturner, jail, potter, weaver, and print shop. Dress in period attire and become a part of the Village story. A unique way to experience history for all ages.


  • Dress in period costume. Costumes are available for all ages.
  • Experience includes full day’s access to all of Sherbrooke Village museum

Your Hands-On-History guide will greet you and you will be escorted to the beginning of your special journey into the past. Enjoy the lessons in Victorian etiquette & traditions as our professional staff adorn you in a period costume that will transform you back in time. Your experience will be customized perfectly to your preference of what part of society you wish to become. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the requirements of your chosen standing in history! There will be interactions, learnings and memories made today you will not soon forget!

Fee charged.