Sponsorship & Volunteers

Recognizing the importance of Historic Sherbrooke Village to the economy of Guysborough County and the Village’s significant contribution to the preservation of cultural history, the Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society is offering the opportunity for corporations, foundations and individuals to partner with us in support of Historic Sherbrooke Village. To restore and maintain historical buildings and offer opportunities for participation in historic village life requires significant financial outlay. Sponsorship support will help provide for the maintenance needs of the Village and allow the Village to continue to provide quality service and programs for visitors, thus enhancing the long term viability of one of the area’s key employers and leading cultural icons.

Sponsor Recognition

Sponsors of $200 or more will be recognized on a plaque on the Donor Wall at the Exhibit Centre. Depending on the level of support, sponsors will be noted as follows:

  • Bronze (donations of at least $200)
  • Silver (donations of at least $1,000)
  • Gold (donations of at least $3,000)
  • Platinum (donations of at least $5,000)

Platinum sponsors will also be recognized on the Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society website.

If you have special recognition requirements, we are willing to discuss your recommendations.

To Donate

To donate to the Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society, please email: hsvds95@gmail.com or send a cheque or money order to the following address:

Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society
P.O. Box 87
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia
B0J 3C0

General Upkeep of Historic Buildings

Though it would cost in the neighbourhood of $150,000 to $200,000 to adequately restore and maintain the Village each year, the budget over the past few years has averaged only $50,000 to $75,000. Due to these budget constraints, the buildings of Historic Sherbrooke Village have not been receiving adequate maintenance.

Donations will be received for general maintenance and upkeep, or may be designated to support specific buildings. 

Past Campaigns

“Atlantic Fabrics” donated commercial grade fabric to cover 80 chairs for public use at the Exhibit Centre.

"Beauti-Tone Paints the Town"

In partnership with Highland Home Building Supplies, Beauti-Tone Paints have entered into a three-year sponsorship agreement with Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society, whereby the sponsors will match paint purchase. Through this program Sherbrooke Village has been able to greatly enhance and help preserve the appearance of many of the buildings.

“Good Fences, Good Neighbours” Campaign

Due to ongoing budget constraints, it has become increasingly difficult to meet the maintenance demands at Historic Sherbrooke Village. Nowhere are the maintenance needs more evident than in the condition of our fences, which have deteriorated over time to the point where most need replacement. We estimate that over a mile and a half of fencing will be replaced by the end of the 2005 season. There is an old saying that “Good Fences, Make Good Neighbours”. We are asking interested individuals to become a “Good Neighbour” and help us to mend some fences.

Each donation of $25 to the “Good Fences, Good Neighbours” campaign will enable us to build a five-foot section of picket fence. Please help us support Historic Sherbrooke Village by sponsoring sections of a fence.

A list containing the names of the Good Neighbours and the number of sections they sponsor will be on display in our Information Centre.

“Keep The Home Fires Burning” Campaign

Twenty-six of the buildings in the Village need repairs to the chimneys. Some of the repairs are required for fire safety, and, in cases where brick is actually falling, the repairs are necessary for public safety. Due to the size of the project, the maintenance budget is not able to cover the repairs. Some of the craft buildings, such as the jail and the blacksmith shop, need fires in order to perform their duties.

The Development Society would like to provide support for the repairs and replacements needed for the chimneys. These repairs would include rebuilding portions of chimneys, as well as installing stainless steel liners and thimbles where necessary. Although repairs are needed for twenty-six buildings, due to the size of the project the Development Society has decided to prioritize the five craft buildings.

We will also need to acquire new wood stoves for various buildings to enhance interpretation and presentation. Funds collected for the “Keep The Home Fires Burning“ will also be used for new stoves as monies allow.

Please help us “Keep The Home Fires Burning“ and ensure that the historic buildings do not continue to deteriorate to the point where we can’t light our fires.

"Doctors' House Calls" Campaign

Renova Cottage (the Doctors’ House in common usage) is considered to be one of the “showcase” homes as befits the status of the Doctor in a thriving community such as Sherbrooke at the beginning of the last century. Unfortunately, the house, furnishings and decorative trappings are beginning to show serious signs of deterioration brought about by heating problems, which have been only recently corrected, and other factors caused by the above mentioned lack of maintenance funds.

The HSVDS has targeted Renova Cottage as a key structural, cultural and heritage asset in the quest for viability for Sherbrooke Village. We are hoping for support from groups and individuals who might have an interest in helping to ensure that this valuable piece of medical and social history does not deteriorate to the point where it is lost to future generations.

Thanks to the great support received fom the Nova Scotia medical community, we have been able to refurbish Renova Cottage to to its former grandeur.