Mandate & Mission


Historic Sherbrooke Village is a provincially significant heritage attraction that  preserves and interprets the rich historical past of Sherbrooke and portrays community life in Nova Scotia over time.


Our vision is to conserve, interpret and reveal the rich historical past of Sherbrooke Village and Nova Scotia for generations to come.


To be a living history museum, with a complex of buildings that together with adjacent gardens and fields and streetscapes that are representative of a typical Nova Scotia village of the 1860s; To present through a series of public, private and commercial buildings the activities and social values present in a small 19th century community; To maintain a high level of skill in the trades and crafts of the period; To provide information and interpretation of the riverside nature of the community, and its role in shipbuilding, transportation and the lumber trade.

Sherbrooke ViIllage Strategic Goals (2018 - 2025) 

Goal 1:  Become a Renowned Living History Museum

Goal 2:  Develop the Rural Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability (RICHES) as a 50th Anniversary Legacy

Goal 3:  Be a Relevant Community-based Museum

Goal 4:  Become a Major Tourism Destination for Eastern Shore

Goal 5:  Improve Museum Visitation & Revenues

Goal 6:  Develop Marketing Program

Goal 7:  Maintain an Excellent One-team Work Environment

Goal 8:  Complete Restoration & Improve Efficiency of Village for Future