Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society

Sponsor Recognition

All sponsors are entitled to a charitable receipt. Sponsors of $200 or more will be recognized on a plaque on the Donor Wall at the Exhibit Centre.  Sponsors will be noted as bronze, silver, gold or platinum supporters, depending on the level of support as follows:

  • Bronze—donations of at least $200
  • Silver—donations of at least $1,000
  • Gold—donations of at least $3,000
  • Platinum—donations of at least $5,000.

Current Strategic Plan (PDF)

Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society (HSVDS) is Building a Wheelchair Accessible Park

Description of Organization:

The Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society (HSVDS) is a charitable organization that was formed in 1997 to provide support for Historic Sherbrooke Village, its operations and programs and to encourage interest in its cultural and historical significance. Major Activities include hosting a number of festivals & events as fundraisers and also to increase visitation and economic development to the Village the community and surrounding area.

Description of Project Plan:

A ¾ acre lot along Court Street adjacent to the Exhibit/Indigenous Art Centre is being developed as a wheelchair accessible community park. This project is in tune with Sherbrooke Village’s mandate to support persons with disabilities and will also serve to support Sherbrooke, the many communities of Guysborough County and visitors to our area.

The HSVDS is taking the lead to create a wheelchair accessible park, plants for smell and feel. A wheelchair accessible water fountain (funding provided by St. Mary’s Municipality), picnic tables, benches, a free library and outdoor lighting. The paths will continue into the Sherbrooke Village Indigenous Art Centre.  Visitors will have free admission to the Centre where accessible washrooms will be located. The NS Tourism VIC is also located here.

High-Crest Nursing Home is within 400 feet from the proposed park entrance.  Our senior’s apartment complex is less than ½ kilometer away. The Park is within 100 feet of the downtown core.

The outcome of the park project will be an outdoor area that will bring a sense of pride, wellbeing and a feeling of inclusion for the whole community including persons with disabilities. In

This will be a multi-phased project.

Phase One: This phase has been concluded and included excavation and drainage of allocated area for the park.

Phase Two: Installation of wiring for lighting, plumbing for water fountain and wheelchair accessible trails will be constructed.

Phase Three: Final touches will be put in place including benches, picnic tables, reading area with free library will be installed and plants and trees planted..

The HSVDS is launching a campaign to raise funds for the benches, picnic tables, additional plants and trees.

Support Required:

The HSVDS will be asking for your support with this very important project by way of donations towards acquiring benches, lights, trees etc.. We would be happy to add a plaque with your family name or that of a loved one.

For more information please email: dana.oconnell@novascotia.ca or lynn.hayne@novascotia.ca