• Undertaking new restoration or continuing the existing restoration of Historic Sherbrooke Village, including the buildings (both public and private), contents of the public buildings, the fencing, grounds and all other structures pertaining to Historic Sherbrooke Village;
  • Purchasing of artifacts of historical significance pertaining to the relative time period of Historic Sherbrook Village or the donation of funds for the purchase of such artifacts. All such artifacts so purchased shall be donated to the Nova Scotia Museum. The society may also purchase artifacts for donation to any qualified donee;
  • Purchasing costumes or materials for the making or repair of costumes used by staff members or used by the general public while participating in any function which requires the wearing of costumes pertaining to the time period of Historic Sherbrooke Village;
  • Providing support to Nova Scotia Museums so that we may undertake the provision of educational programs in Historic Sherbrooke Village;
  • Contracting of agents for the provision of theatrical vignettes, historical reenactments and other programs relative to the time period of Historic Sherbrooke Village;
  • To identify and undertake programs such as genealogy and historical research as it pertains to Historic Sherbrooke Village.
  • To acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the realization of the objects of the society;
  • To buy, own, hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the objects of the society”