Visitor Comments

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Outstanding, I have never seen such a well restored Village. Staff performance outstanding. This Village should be promoted by at the highest level of N.S. Tourism.
Vernon, B.C.

Vraiment bien, très propre, représente bien ces années. Les interprètres sont tres sympatique et très souriant. 
-Ville de Québec,, Québec.

Very nice and Real
LaSalle, Québec

My younger brother, age 6, likes the boats and animals the best! Thank you for the fun.
- West Point, New York

I don't have any complaints, but I just wanted to let you know that I love this place! Every time I come to Canada I will definitely come here for my most fun! 
- West Point, New York

This is one of our best stops in NS. Very well laid out, friendly and informed interpreters. Beautiful!!
- Sherwood Park, Alberta

We went to Sherbrooke Village expecting to stay an hour or two. We were waiting for them to open at 9:30am. Before we knew it we were starving and wondering why. It was 2:00pm and we were only half way through. What wonderful staff! What a wonderful treasure, not only the Village but the whole Eastern Shore.
- Nova Scotia

The Village was very authentic. It was wonderful to see the original buildings. The staff are very knowledgeable and a great asset to the Village. Sherbrooke Village is just a super place.
- Peterborough, Ontario

We really, really, really enjoyed the Village!!! Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable.
- Manitoba