Print & Press

Sherbrooke Village’s Master Printer will share all she knows about the art as it was back in the 1800s. Spend the day in the authentic print shop and custom make your very own printed creations.

Experience includes:

  • Immerse yourself in history as you spend the day in our authentic print shop complete with a 150 year old paper cutter and foot powered print press.
  • Learn techniques and safe handling from our skilled heritage artisan
  • Create
  • Explore Sherbrooke Village: Take a self-guided tour of authentic Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia’s largest Provincial Museum, where costumed interpreters bring to life the 1860s- when the village was a prosperous boom town.

In the Victorian era, it took 7 long years to become a Master Printer. Here at Sherbrooke Village, we have one of our very own, and you can be her “Printer’s Devil” for the day! Patty-Lou will help you dress the part, learn to type set, cut paper using 150 year old print cutter, and run the foot powered print press, creating memories and souvenirs that will last a lifetime. What will you create? Will it be a favorite recipe from the Printer’s galley, personalized party invitations, or your own unique business cards that YOU made with your own two hands? The hustle and bustle of the print shop near the river with the cozy feeling of the woodstove inside is surely a place you’ll enjoy spending the day!