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The Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society was formed to provide support for Historic Sherbrooke Village, its operations and programs and to encourage interest in its cultural and historic significance.

Current Project – Your Support Would Be Greatly Appreciated

Working with Sherbrooke Village Restoration to help with Establishing the “Rural Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability (RICHES)”, based at Sherbrooke Village Museum

As a Sherbrooke Village 50th anniversary legacy project for 2020, we propose to establish the Rural Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability (RICHES) as a vital community hub for growth of the culture sector in Eastern Nova Scotia. The mandate of RICHES will be to provide training and opportunities to make use of the “cultural and natural riches” of rural Nova Scotia, with the aim of building increased capacity for cultural and economic development while fostering the vibrancy of rural communities. With a special focus on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, we propose to develop partnerships and professional curriculum to foster the growth of sustainable rural tourism in cultural and natural heritage alongside programming to enrich rural life through continual learning and skills training. RICHES will become a much sought-after training centre for experiential tourism in Nova Scotia and aligns well with several objectives of the Culture Action Plan.

This innovation project to establish RICHES includes professional partnership development, community outreach, curriculum design, and infrastructure planning, and will demonstrate progress through pilot programming. The capital funds for the project are being sought from ACOA, your donations and other sources, with timelines to allow RICHES to be in full operation by 2020.

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Donations of $200 or more will be recognized on the Donor Wall at the Sherbrooke Village Exhibit Centre and on the HSVDS webpage.

The following levels of recognition are available:

  • Platinum (donations of at least $5,000)
  • Gold (donations of at least $3,000)
  • Silver (donations of at least $1,000)

 Bronze (donations of at least $200)

Thank you for considering this request which will be a great benefit to Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society, Sherbrooke Village Restoration and the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

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